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Customs and Traditions

The Durga Puja spans over a period of ten days in case of traditional and household Pujas, though the main part of it is restricted to four days only. The fifteen days from the new moon upto the next full moon is called as 'Debi-Paksha,' which, according to some beliefs, is the best time for doing any holy or start a new thing.

No Indian festival is complete without different customs and traditions and when we talk about the biggest festival in Bengal that is Durga Puja then one can imagine the varied rituals it involves.

The preparation for the puja starts from Mahalaya, the emergence of 'Devi Paksha'. The festival is for ten days but the main puja lasts for five days with pomp and grandeur. The puja ritual is quite complicated and detailed. Only an expert priest can perform such a magnificent puja with chanting of Shlokas and Aarati.

The Bengalis irrespective of their financial background wear new clothes and join the bandwagon of merriment with pandal hopping. It is celebrated by all the Bengalis worldwide.